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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Valentine crafts

The next holiday for creating is Valentine's Day.  I love valentine cards - especially the vintage, cute and funny ones.  I've even came across some rather dark Valentine cards.  Have you heard of Krampus?  The European sidekick to Saint Nicolas?  Google him - he's an interesting fellow.  Well, I found a couple of Krampus Valentine cards:
I made some Alice in Wonderland Valentine cards.  I love Alice in Wonderland!!!  In fact I've established an Alice in Wonderland holiday.  It is July 5th.  Won't it be fun to decorate the house for Alice in Wonderland Day!
I also made an attempt at Steampunk with these wooden Valentines:
The one on the left shows the back side.

Now it's on to Easter...

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  1. Hello! So nice to see you have got a blog!!! I love these wooden steampunk creations-they're fab!! xxx Rowena aka Craftypagan


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