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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What to do with Decorative Tape

If you're like me, you went crazy for the new decorative tapes on the market:  Washi Tape, Fabric Tapes, Tim Holtz tissue tapes, etc.  So now I have a bin full, but have yet to use it.  I don't make cards, so I needed some inspiration.  I finally got some...

Years ago my sister had sent me two flameless candles, about 3" high.  Although they are a cute idea, I never used them because they were just too plain.  As I was packing the Christmas decorations away I came across them and brought them down to my studio.  That's when it hit me to wrap them in some decorative tape.

The one on the left is from Victorian Roses by Laughing Elephant.  For the candle on the right I used Madison Avenue Monogram "A" tape on the bottom and some Pink Alice in Wonderland tape from Japan above it.  Too cute!  Now I love them!

Don't be a horse's Backside

I saw a great idea on Craftgossip.com (a super source for ideas!) using the front end of plastic animals as hooks.  I bought some dinosaurs from the dollar tree, but they were hollow.  You need to use solid figurines.  I found some plastic horses on ETSY, Perennialcrafts.  They are great.  After cutting them in half, I added double ended screws I found at Lowe's and they're ready to add to a board as wall hooks.  I screwed one into an unfinished wood tag for the picture below (far right), But after the amputation, the backsides called out to me...

A gift tag for that someone special who just needs a little reminder?   I glued the plastic horse's ass onto a wooden tag, 3 1/4" tall, that I painted and sanded, and added a silk ribbon (cut from a thrift store shirt).   A note on the back reads  "Remember not to be one."

Sometimes I get weird ideas that I talk myself out of, but this was too fun to pass up.
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