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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Don't be a horse's Backside

I saw a great idea on Craftgossip.com (a super source for ideas!) using the front end of plastic animals as hooks.  I bought some dinosaurs from the dollar tree, but they were hollow.  You need to use solid figurines.  I found some plastic horses on ETSY, Perennialcrafts.  They are great.  After cutting them in half, I added double ended screws I found at Lowe's and they're ready to add to a board as wall hooks.  I screwed one into an unfinished wood tag for the picture below (far right), But after the amputation, the backsides called out to me...

A gift tag for that someone special who just needs a little reminder?   I glued the plastic horse's ass onto a wooden tag, 3 1/4" tall, that I painted and sanded, and added a silk ribbon (cut from a thrift store shirt).   A note on the back reads  "Remember not to be one."

Sometimes I get weird ideas that I talk myself out of, but this was too fun to pass up.

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