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Monday, June 13, 2016

Easy Dollar Tree solution for dripping teapots

I Googled the problem of dripping teapots and didn't find any great solutions.  The closest to an easy fix I came across was a drip catcher from Amazon that looks like a lemon slice.  It was cheap (under $10) so I ordered one.  It slips over the tea pot spout and works well to keep the pot from dripping when pouring.  The problem is the yellow material inside the ceramic frame stained right away.

After examining the parts the fake lemon drip catcher was made of I went to the Dollar Tree and bought some knit material children's ponytail holders.  I got  about 25 for $1 and they work great.  The material doesn't show stain, but even if they did they are so cheap I'd have no problem replacing them often.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Book Review - Winter's Bone

Although the Ozark Mountain language is a bit foreign to me and causes me to stumble and puzzle at meaning a few times, the book is an intriguing blend of sensory descriptions of the cold, once paradisaical Ozark Mountain hallow, now home to drug labs and human discards, and the story of a admirably strong character I'm so glad I got to know.  The blend makes a book I stayed up at night to read.  It is that good!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Mother's Day Card

Happy Mother's Day!

A card created at the request of my thirteen year old granddaughter for her dear mother.

Monday, January 26, 2015

My Snow Queen Doll

When I took the girls to Decorator' Warehouse, Texas' largest Christmas store (http://www.decoratorswarehousearlington.com/), in November I fell in love with a Snow Queen doll they were selling for $200.  I knew I could make my own.

I made my doll from a ceramic "umbrella doll" I found at the thrift store.  She has no legs.  Under her skirt, her torso is connected to a white umbrella .  I love it as I can close her skirt up to put her away and she doesn't require a stand.  She looked like this, only taller than 18":

I pulled off her old hair and painted her white.  I tore apart a thrift store Santa beard and glued it on her head to make her hair.  

I sewed her dress from a thrift store dress using the doll's old dress as a pattern.  I sewed on the trim I had removed from the thrift store dress. 

I cut a white miniature Christmas tree skirt in half and added that at her waste as an over-skirt on the back of her dress.

I made a crown from some silver wire and blue beads and added a dollar store snowflake decoration cut in half at the back.

I twirled some of her hair around some wire and glued it on to make the wild tendrils.  Finally I painted her yes, lips, cheeks and drew a snowflake on her chest with sparkle nail polish.

I've been working on her for about 3 months; slowly, as the inspiration of what to do next came to me.

I love her much more than the one from Decorator Warehouse!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Robot and Outer Space Scapes

I was inspired to create these multi-media canvas' after buying some laser cutouts of robots and space ships from The Porkchop Shop on Etsy.  They sell some really fun images printed on wood and laser cut that add a great three dimensional touch to your art.

I have them for sale in "Wishes and Dreams", a gift shop in Arlington, Texas.  I had them on Etsy for a while, but I don't think anyone could see them.  Besides, the photos don't do them justice. They're really cute.

Alice in Wonderliddle Paper Dolls

Alice in Wonderliddle Paper Dolls

I found this file on the internet with lots of creases and tape marks, so I used Photoshop Elements to fix it.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Colors - Robin's Pain

I am the star of my own private tragedy

Set to the tune of a black and white memory

Dancing with shadows that glide though the entryway

Leading the colors away

Instinct leads them here, legends of our mothers

Laughter of the tears, echoes of the fall

I am the star of my own private tragedy

Reaching for hands that just slip away silently

Shrouded in in emptiness no one to sing to me

Keep all the colors away

Keep it out of sight, hide it in a mirror

Underneath the light, just above the fear

You are the star of your own private tragedy

Nothing remains but the smoke of the effigy

Clawing the soul as it climbs to be free

Now the colors are too far away

This poem is an expression of the loneliness and hopelessness felt during the depths of depression. It is a very frightening place to be.
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