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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Celtic Drinking Vessel and Medievil Fighting

I found the coolest Celtic drinking horn vessel at the Funky Finds Craft Show.  I bought it as a gift for son, but decided its too small for him.  He'll think its too girly.  He'd prefer a larger one.  So I'm going to order a custom one from the Creator - James Partin. 

Check out his website:  HammeredCreation.comoj.com

Here's the horn I bought....  I love the pewter head on the end!!!!

Now here's what I want him to carve onto a big, manly horn mug for my son...
Its a Celtic Cross tattoo I designed for him.  The words on the edges are:
Dilseacht - Loyalty
 Saoirse - Freedom 
Teaghlaigh - Family
My son, mo loach, mo ghile mear (It's Irish)
Here he is dressed in his gear SCA Heavy Fighting:

And fighting:

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