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Monday, June 13, 2016

Easy Dollar Tree solution for dripping teapots

I Googled the problem of dripping teapots and didn't find any great solutions.  The closest to an easy fix I came across was a drip catcher from Amazon that looks like a lemon slice.  It was cheap (under $10) so I ordered one.  It slips over the tea pot spout and works well to keep the pot from dripping when pouring.  The problem is the yellow material inside the ceramic frame stained right away.

After examining the parts the fake lemon drip catcher was made of I went to the Dollar Tree and bought some knit material children's ponytail holders.  I got  about 25 for $1 and they work great.  The material doesn't show stain, but even if they did they are so cheap I'd have no problem replacing them often.

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