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Monday, January 26, 2015

My Snow Queen Doll

When I took the girls to Decorator' Warehouse, Texas' largest Christmas store (http://www.decoratorswarehousearlington.com/), in November I fell in love with a Snow Queen doll they were selling for $200.  I knew I could make my own.

I made my doll from a ceramic "umbrella doll" I found at the thrift store.  She has no legs.  Under her skirt, her torso is connected to a white umbrella .  I love it as I can close her skirt up to put her away and she doesn't require a stand.  She looked like this, only taller than 18":

I pulled off her old hair and painted her white.  I tore apart a thrift store Santa beard and glued it on her head to make her hair.  

I sewed her dress from a thrift store dress using the doll's old dress as a pattern.  I sewed on the trim I had removed from the thrift store dress. 

I cut a white miniature Christmas tree skirt in half and added that at her waste as an over-skirt on the back of her dress.

I made a crown from some silver wire and blue beads and added a dollar store snowflake decoration cut in half at the back.

I twirled some of her hair around some wire and glued it on to make the wild tendrils.  Finally I painted her yes, lips, cheeks and drew a snowflake on her chest with sparkle nail polish.

I've been working on her for about 3 months; slowly, as the inspiration of what to do next came to me.

I love her much more than the one from Decorator Warehouse!

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