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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Colors - Robin's Pain

I am the star of my own private tragedy

Set to the tune of a black and white memory

Dancing with shadows that glide though the entryway

Leading the colors away

Instinct leads them here, legends of our mothers

Laughter of the tears, echoes of the fall

I am the star of my own private tragedy

Reaching for hands that just slip away silently

Shrouded in in emptiness no one to sing to me

Keep all the colors away

Keep it out of sight, hide it in a mirror

Underneath the light, just above the fear

You are the star of your own private tragedy

Nothing remains but the smoke of the effigy

Clawing the soul as it climbs to be free

Now the colors are too far away

This poem is an expression of the loneliness and hopelessness felt during the depths of depression. It is a very frightening place to be.

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