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Monday, December 5, 2011

Candyland Christmas Tree Decor

I took my daughter to "Decorator's Warehouse - Texas' #1 Christmas Store" to oooooh and aaaaaah.  It was beautiful.  So many fabulous ways to decorate if you have the BIG BUCKS!!!  My daughter fell in love with the Candy land scene - pastel colors, candy, cupcake and ice cream shapes and lots of glitter.

But many things they can make, I can make better.  So I bought an ice cream cone, a lollipop, and a cupcake and went to work.  Here's the Lollipop:

I made four of them.  Each took a half yard of upholstery trim that I had to remove the cloth edge from.  I used a hot glue gun to form the spiral, then glues a painted wooden craft stick to the back.  I sprayed tacky glue and covered it in sprinkles.  When it dried I sprayed it with polyurethane and added a ribbon (I used a large eye needle with the ribbon threaded in it to poke through the spiral).

I also finished a cupcake, and I'm so proud of if I'm placing the original next to it in the picture for comparison...

The pink frosted one of the left is a Raz ornament I purchased.  The one on the right is mine.  I bought the cupcake holders and made a cardboard insert to strengthen it.  Then I needle felted yellow roving onto a Styrofoam ball.  I cut another Styrofoam ball in half and placed that in the bottom of the cupcake, glued the felted ball on top, then glued on pom poms and sparkles - eh Voila!  I like mine much better!!!  I made six of different pastel colors.  I can't wait for my daughter to see them.


  1. Those are so cute! I would love to have those lying around my house tempting me to eat them :)

  2. Those lollipops are too cool! I love them!
    You can make anything. We just love the cupcakes they make our tree even better :)


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