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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm still at it...

I've been busy making miniatures - books, candles, jars filled with eyeballs and fangs, etc.

Now I've started putting them together... on thrift store finds that I have re-purposed.

I just love my little trick or treater all wrapped up like a mummy.  Or maybe he really is a mummy acting like a trick or treater.

And this is a collage on an old plaque from the thrift store....

And here is my lighted diorama.  It was lots of work, but when I have the lights flashing in it, I know  it was worth it.  It's very spooky.

I started with a shadow box from the thrift store, and a plastic bride & groom set.  I decapitated them and added skulls from dollar tree decorations.  The fireplace is a doll house miniature.  I made a red candle from some cheese I recently ate and stuck it in a skull bead.  I printed a picture of Poe and put him in a doll house frame.  Too much fun!

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