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Monday, June 13, 2011

Long, Hot Summer

It is so hot already!  If it weren't for swimming and crickets, I wouldn't like summer at all!

At least I no longer feel compelled to creat for anything except Halloween!!!  Below is Mariah.  She is buttery soft and sweet as can be.

And here is Buff.  He's a bit of a whiner.  I have to put in time out quite often, but I don't think he'll ever learn.  He likes the negative attention too much!

I'm having way too much fun creating spooky houses from old wooden and plastic houses and images I print.  I wondering if I should add glimmer?  I wonder if I should sell some on Etsy?

Here's a new favorite Blog for some great FREE digital images:   http://alteredbits.com/free_art.php

Back to the craft room I go!!!

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