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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

OOAK Barbie Dolls

I went through a Barbie phase.  For a period, I bought nearly every Barbie and outfit from the 50s through the early 70s.  I rerooted several of the extra doll's hair.  Then I started getting creative and started making outfits and hairdo's for my own one of a kind (OOAK) dolls.  Mostly medievil, renaissance dolls.  A few scary.  I'll start posting pictures...

Above is (from the left) Mozart, a Muskateer, Constanza, a lady for the Muskateer, the Center is a purchased Josephine and a Titanic Rose - I didn't do anything to them.  Behind Rose is my Phantom of the Opera and Christine, and next to Rose is Beethoven.  Here, Rose is actually Countess Julia, one of Beethoven's loves.

In this photo we have a replacement Romeo and a Lady for my purchased Queen Elizabeth doll.

In the center - St Francis of Asisi.

Here are Beowulf and Selma, and then Tristan for Isolde.

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